Arnavi Panda is a graduate from ILS Law College, batch of 2015. She then went on to pursue her Master’s degree in Maritime Law from the National University of Singapore. She has gotten involved thoroughly in various national and global moots consisting of Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot andWilliam C. Vis International Arbitration Moot. She is currently a Legal Consultant in Global Marketing Systems, DMCC, Dubai.In this interview she speaks about: LL.M from NUS Scope of maritime law in India Difference between universities in India


    PLEASE TELL United States SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR PRE-COLLEGE LIFE?I ‘d introduce myself as a young attorney, enthusiastic about the shipping industry and the associated legal practice with an eager interest in arbitration and alternate conflict resolution on weekdays and an amateur Latin American dancer constantly keen to network over the weekends!Prior to college in Pune, I was lucky to complete my high school life partially in Bombay and partly in Calcutta. The difference in way of life in

    both the cities was my primary step to learning how to embrace and value diversity. I was constantly an energetic kid, very keen to find out, really curious, a sports enthusiast and constantly got back with scrapped knees or soiled clothes.PLEASE TELL YOU SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR COLLEGE LIFE? HOW INSTRUMENTAL HAS YOUR COLLEGE BEEN SHAPING YOUR CAREER?I spent 5 really crucial formative years in ILS Law College, a college I had actually always become aware of being among the oldest and prominent colleges in the country for legal research studies. It was an honor to have actually been accepted in face of the stiff competition and competitive cut-off marks.ILS as an institution offers its students terrific autonomy and versatility to make their own choices on the course of their profession. With 5 hours of classes a day, I took advantage of my leisure time by writing research study papers, dealing with moot court competitions, assisting teachers, organising intra-college events and interning at law office to obtain useful experience. Not just did this act as terrific profession structure exercise but also a character building exercise which taught me to take duty for projects I carried out, sharpened my advocacy and leadership abilities and made me understand the significance of being a group player.YOU HAVE REPRESENTED YOUR COLLEGE AT PRESTIGIOUS MOOT COURT COMPETITIONS INCLUDING PHILIP C. JESSUP INTERNATIONAL LAW MOOT AND WILLIEM C. VIS INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION MOOT. HOW DO YOU SUGGEST ONE SHOULD GET READY FOR THEM? DO YOU THINK MOOTING IS CONSIDERABLE FOR LAW STUDENTS?I have constantly thought the legal occupation to mostly be an interactive occupation with regular contact with different parties. Mooting not only hones one’s advocacy skills but likewise helps with overcoming phase worry, builds self-esteem and establishes public speaking and interpersonal skills.Preparing for Philip C Jessup and Willem C. Vis played a significant role in my advancement as a professional for a range of reasons.

    My team and I dedicated about 6 to eight months preparing for these occasions which needed long hours, late nights, establishing legal research skills and most importantly knowing ways to communicate and work as a group which is an essential quality at the work place. I would advise candidates of these occasions to first of all select the ideal team

    members who are of a similar expert temperament and are ready to dedicate the same amount of time and effort to these events as they rather literally become your closest buddies during this time. It is important to work wise together with working hard which would include looking for assistance from previous individuals on what to expect and the best ways to research study, the products to be described and the best ways to structure the arguments and last but not least prepare with numerous mock trials. We were lucky to have extremely helpful senior citizens, associates and faculty staff who offered us time to evaluate our submissions and prepare for the oral hearing. Preparing and participating for these occasions is really difficult and I commend my teammates who did not quit in spite of the chances and went on to certify as quarter-finalists at Vienna in 2015. Like any other individual of the occasion, I will have to state that it is definitely worth every late night, every compromised internship and every missed movie/dinner/party! While mooting does play a crucial function in a law trainee’s life, I completely identify that it might not be everybody’s cup of tea. However, I would encourage everyone to have some mooting experience throughout law school as a career building exercise.ARE THERE ANY MEMORABLE MOMENTS THROUGHOUT YOUR COLLEGE THAT YOU WANT TO SHARE?Five years of law school developed a lot of enjoyable memories but if I were to highlight the most unforgettable one of them all, it would need to be the day my group and I were adjudged as the winner of the intra-college global law moot court qualifying competitors. This offered us the chance to represent ILS at the Philip C Jessup Moot where we were only 2 points except certifying to the World Beats. The moto of the team was to just provide our absolute best effort without expectation and regularly challenge ourselves to do better.This was a defining moment for us as a group and was testament to the fact that with sincere hardwork, effort and humbleness, sky is undoubtedly the limit!WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO GO FOR A

    MASTERS PROGRAMME? WHAT LED YOU TO CHOOSE MARITIME LAW AS YOUR SPECIALISATION?I come from a family of instructors who have actually constantly believed that education never ever goes to squander. In today competitive market, selecting a niche and mastering it is essential to establish oneself and it was with believed in mind that I was focused on completing my masters coursework prior to stepping into the professional task market.The shipping market was an industry which I was familiar with given that I was a kid by virtue of my father’s association with the Ministry of Shipping for the Government of India where he was the lead consultant and the IMO Representative for the Nation on several occasions. The beauty of the maritime market is that it is incredibly multi-dimensional, includes a lot of cross-jurisdictional transactions and disputes and is very worldwide in nature. I always understood that I would value a contentious job a

    lot more than an advisory one and Maritime Law provided me the best avenue to combine my enthusiasm for global law, industrial laws and conflict resolution.WHAT WOULD BE YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS FOR YOUNG ATTORNEYS AND LAW STUDENTS PLANNING TO SPECIALISE IN MARITIME LAW?I would strongly recommend young attorneys to choose maritime law as an area of know-how for a variety of reasons.It is an outstanding specific niche location to

    capitalise on. Considered that India is a country with a vast shoreline and there is substantial Admiralty work which is always done in addition to the brand-new Admiralty Act which was enacted in 2015; maritime law is a really promising profession option.However, I would likewise recommend aspirants to seek internship experience with a company practising admiralty law to get an insight into the industry to make an informed decision. It is complex; it is contentious; it is challenging at every phase however is also extremely interesting, really glamorous and very international.PLEASE TELL United States ABOUT THE APPLICATION PROCESS FOR LL.M. AT NUS?The application for LL.M. at NUS is fairly basic as you would find in many universities worldwide. It is necessary to start preparing early by looking into

    about the program you want to get and the deadlines.After submitting an online application, the prospect then has to send a physical copy of the application along with supporting files( authorities transcript, degree scroll, suggestion letters)in addition to the application fee invoice to the university at the indicated address on the site. The results of your application are usually stated only three months after the application.( I keep in mind getting an approval from NUS as one of the last universities as opposed to my approvals from USA

    , UK and Australia). The information is easily available on the NUS site and the administration and admissions personnel is really useful, friendly and timely with their assistance.WHAT ARE THE NECESSARY QUALITIES ARE REQUIRED TO BAG A SCHOLARSHIP FOR LL.M.? WHAT IS THE APPLICATION PROCEDURE FOR A SCHOLARSHIP AT NUS?Like any university, it is extremely a good idea to have a consistent set of excellent grades in all years of scholastic study to secure a scholarship. Universities are generally keen to award scholarships to trainees who can display benefit in academics and outstanding contribution even on extra-curricular activities. NUS has an additional requirement like a couple of other universities where it demands an Essay from a prospect on a present subject of their interest to assess scholarships awards. It is a good idea to select an emerging topic of interest in the discipline that a candidate wants to specialise into increase their chances of success.WHAT SHOULD BE KEPT IN MIND WHILE WRITING SOPS FOR LLM ABROAD? WOULD YOU WANT TO SHARE YOUR SOP FOR THE BENEFIT OF YOUNG LAW STUDENTS AIMING TO APPLY ABROAD?I can not stress enough on the importance of being well researched on the coursework, the professors, the program and most importantly the industry.

    An ideal statement of purpose in my experience would be one which highlights the prospect’s authentic interest in a field of research study although one may not have taken the perfect modules or

    courses throughout undergraduate study for the same. Personally, I have constantly conceived a SOP to be a personalised document which offers the organization a chnace to understand the candidate’s expectations, goals and background better in addition to the professional details that they currently have useful from the resume.PLEASE TELL US THE RECRUITMENT PROCEDURE AT GLOBAL MARKETING SYSTEMS, DMCC, DUBAI? HOW DID YOUR CONSULTATION TAKE PLACE?I was presented to an agent of Global Marketing Systems, DMCC, Dubai while in Mumbai who encouraged I make an application for the position. As is standard operating procedure, I was spoken with as soon as my Resume was browsed and shortlisted prior to a deal being made. Initially I was put in the Singapore office for a period of 5 months prior to permanently moving to the head office in Dubai and taking control of the total compliance and legal portfolios at GMS.AS LEGAL ADVISOR IN GLOBAL MARKETING SYSTEMS, DMCC, DUBAI, WHAT ARE YOUR FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES?My existing function with Global Marketing Systems in Singapore and Dubai includes extensive risk assessment and legal advisory in relation to contract negotiation, drafting and execution not just for the sale, purchase and demolition of Vessels but likewise various basic type BIMCO functional agreements, time and voyage charter party agreements, agreements of afreightment, and marine insurance contracts. Currently, I assist and deal with three portfolios in the Business specifically, compliance and regulative, legal conflict resolution, insurance claims. I am turned over with recommending the management and the procurement group of the threats in trading and buying vessels with prior claims, approved vessels, business and legal intricacies of modified contracts and engaging

    external counsels to represent the Company in various litigation matters in India, Bangladesh and the EU in addition to Arbitration proceedings commenced at the London Maritime Arbitrators Association(LMAA )and Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration(SCMA). My existing profile also includes basic corporate advisory in relation to service development and growth in overseas jurisdictions, work matters in EU and non-EU jurisdictions and worldwide taxation. This experience gives me a holistic understanding of the Shipping industry.YOU HAVE ALSO WORKED AS LAWSUITS PARTNER AT CRAWFORD BAYLEY & CO., MUMBAI. WHAT IS THE RECRUITMENT PROCEDURE THERE?I worked as an intern at Crawford Bayley & Co. on three different occasions from May 2012 to July 2014 during the term break with the Admiralty Partner’s office during which duration I was able to get valuable insight into the industry and the involved legal practise. Upon completing my master’s degree coursework, I successfully used to the firm for a position of an associate and the company respected accommodate me in their group and supply me valuable guidance and mentorship as a young lawyer.I would suggest law students to thoroughly consider their internship experiences and if possible, reveal commitment to a firm where they have actually enjoyed the work and the work environment and want to see a future. An intern is as much an investment to a company as a firm is an investment to an intern’s resume.PLEASE TELL United States ABOUT YOUR TIME AT NUS. WHAT SHOULD ONE EXPECT WHILE STUDYING ABROAD? HOW IS THE ENVIRONMENT VARIOUS FROM COLLEGES IN INDIA?My scholastic year at NUS was an eye opener for a range of factors. Studying abroad provided me the perfect exposure to various cultures, interaction with people of various citizenships and comprehending their lifestyle.The environment in universities abroad is among friendly competition which is healthy for growth and encourages one to perform to the finest of his/her capability. In my experience, universities abroad usually focus on the total advancement of trainees and are less course intensive as opposed to Indian universities. The coursework and assessment structure is application oriented instead of theoretical understanding which needs a thorough understanding of standard ideas and their applicability. It is this understanding which is eventually most valuable to a prospective employer.While the coursework was tasking, our faculty guaranteed that there were lots of activities arranged to keep the student spirits high even throughout tests which were particularly stressful. Most notably, my time at NUS was a great platform to network, develop enduring memories and have a friendly face to bump into in various parts of the world!WHAT WOULD BE YOUR WORD OF RECOMMENDATIONS TO OUR READERS?Stay focused, remain determined and never ever compromise on your mental and physical health.

    Make your pastime your task and you will always have an incentive in yourself even when the seas are rough!