Hey there, and welcome to another episode of Video Marketing How-To! You’ve probably heard us joke now and then that human beings have a shorter attention span than many goldfish, and regretfully it’s not far off. If your material cannot catch your audiences interest in the best amount of time, they’ll bounce off to something else.So with that in mind, today we wish to talk about the best lengths for your video material at every phase of the funnel. These are all best practices– and your audience may vary– but let’s dive in.Starting at the top of the funnel, instructional, enjoyable material that’s developed to obtain individuals thrilled about your market should be kept short. TELEVISION commercials are generally 30 seconds in length for a factor, and you can apply the same ideas to your online video. For social material, keep it brief– Instagram will top you at 15 seconds, and while you can post long material to Facebook, people’s attention spans are short. For YouTube you can go a bit longer, however we don’t suggest going much past a minute and 30 seconds. You won’t see lots of people getting to the end of your video unless it’s really memorable.Moving through the

funnel to the learning and examination phase, you can begin to get a bit longer for this content, as individuals are already interested enough in exactly what you do to wish to interact with your video. Demo videos can be a couple of minutes long, and your material can begin to talk a bit more about why you, specifically, can resolve your potential customers’ issues. Don’t go much previous 5 minutes though– attempt to focus your videos on one aspect of your item, or bundle them based on your personalities, but do not strike people with a complete 45 minute demonstration yet.Now, I said yet there because there is a time and a location for your full demo, and it’s the last phase of the funnel. When individuals are at the point of purchase, your video’s job is to provide all the tools they have to prosper, and all the details they need to convince their superiors that your service or product is ideal for them. Take as much time as you require, however keep it individual– a generic 45 minute demo video won’t bring the same value as a customized 20 minute demonstration that touches on the specific discomfort points you’re fixing for that specific customer.So, that concludes this week’s suggestions– I hope this has answered your concerns around video length, however if not inform us in the comments! Stay tuned in another few weeks for a new episode of Video Marketing How-To!