Close Yes, the modern sales rep now has marketing duties.

Gone are the days of blind prospecting. Today’s sales representative knows how to cultivate sales discussions with believed management, content marketing, social media, influencer marketing and beyond.

With the rise of omni channel selling as a success strategy, particularly in Account Based Marketing, it is essential to know and understand the all the channels offered to you when it pertains to lead generation.

This webinar is featuring Nicolas Cole from Digital Press, a leading writer on Quora and Medium, whose content has earned a shocking 25 million views.

Minimal slots readily available, so register now.If you cannot make it to the live session, register, and we’ll send you the recording. June 5th, 2018– 11:00 AM PT How Sales & Marketing

Leaders Can Leverage LinkedIn, Medium, and Quora For Lead

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the function of following up on your interests.How Sales & Marketing Leaders Can Take Advantage Of LinkedIn, Medium, and Quora For List Building June 5th, 2018 -11:00 AM PT Your contact info, consisting of email, might beshared with & the sponsors of this occasion for the function of following up on your interests.Content Marketing & Content Curation methods to make the most of incominglead generation on social networks

. Individual branding and cultivating your very own thought management to cut through the noise and have more meaningful sales discussions. Innovative and underutilized development techniques

  • on platforms like LinkedIn, Quora and Medium. Powerful strategies to link organically with influencers and believed leaders in your