Your Next Office How to Weave Branding into your Workplace Style

From entryways to crash zones: what messaging matters in the workplace?Traditional offices

consisted of some fundamental office branding in the lobby and reception areas, but that about did it back then in locations like Sterling Cooper & Partners. Nowadays with open offices creating an emphasis on hip typical locations, where and how do we layer in messaging for the overall branding, internal company approaches, and specific teams? 1. Map the natural path through the open office

Drawing of Mondelez International Madrid by Areazero 2. o by means of “What are’ crash zones’ and why does your office require them?” by Mike Banbury through LinkedIn, Mondelez International by Areazero 2. o by means of Office Snapshots, Angelist Wall Mural by Debuti, VaynerMedia by Ben Gancsos through Workplace Snapshots, Center for Democracy & & Technology by Christopher Spielmann via Office Snapshots, MOJEH Publication by Bahr Al-Alum Karim by means of Office Photos