marketing can be helpful for your company, but hands up the number of you actually know ways to use it?There is actually a graveyard of case studies of influencer marketing gone incorrect(simply ask Pepsi ), and far fewer stories of success. Nevertheless, last year, 84 percent of online marketers stated that dealing with an influencer remained in their pipeline for 2018. Had they understood about the to do? Align with the right influencers, of course- ones who can get their content into their target consumers’news feed and make them feel all warm and fuzzy about your brand. With 88 percent of consumers trusting online peer reviews more than standard marketing (and more than brand name? If you desire your influencer marketing to be more, well, prominent, begin believing less is more. Drill down to real brand name enthusiasts. Cultivate the relationship in time and let your influencers get imaginative. Not just will you be working around adblocking software and algorithms, however you’ll be speaking with

your audience in a true, authentic voice that keeps those bothersome millennials pleased.