By Christopher Makaza| The 2018 tobacco marking season officially began yesterday on a high note with the first tobacco bale bring $4.90 per kilogramme, a first of its kind in numerous years.Vice President Constantino Chiwenga officially opened the marketing season the other day at Tobacco Sales Floors which generally represents the end of January disease.Tobacco farmers revealed hope in the new dispensation for

a much better marketing season. Last season the, very first bales fetched $4.60 which farmers were not happy with.Tobacco farmers were having high spirits and hoped that the prices will stay beneficial throughout the marketing season. They, nevertheless, appealed for an evaluation of the daily withdrawal limit of$300 just recently pegged by Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ). To guarantee a smooth payment system that is constant with international best practice on day-to-day cash withdrawal limits, RBZ some weeks ago exposed that growers will be paid an optimum of$300 daily through banks stationed at the auction floors. Farmers, nevertheless, felt there is requirement for Federal government to increase the withdrawal limit to about$ 1000 so that they can be able to pay for their labour back home as some of their work force do not have the advised plastic cash facility.Addressing farmers and other stakeholders at the event, Vice President Chiwenga highlighted that Government through RBZ is committed to coming up with policy interventions that will support the entire sector including that it will strengthen the already existing export rewards and finance to make sure access to cost effective inputs by farmers. Vice President Chiwenga also announced that the golden leaf will begin from this season be covered under the Command Farming Program which came as good news to tobacco farmers.Farmers are eagerly waiting to get the 12.5 percent export rewards guaranteed by RBZ, an increase from last year’s 5%. Many tobacco farmers countrywide remain in the middle of treating their crop and wished to make usage of the opening to raise funds to cushion their labour and other associated expenses.Tobacco purchasers worked tirelessly to make sure they supplied the best services to farmers in terms of security, resting places, ablution centers and loan amongst other services.The starting of the tobacco marketing season will be felt countrywide as the proceeds will distribute in many service entities.

It will not be company as typical to the organisation community, not only to those who run near tobacco sales floorings however countrywide. It is that time of the year when vendors

of selection of goods experience organisation boom as farmers don’t be reluctant to invest their difficult made cash.The brand-new dispensation through the RBZ has actually already increased the Tobacco Financing Facility from US$ 28 to$70 million for the 2018 planting season in an effort to make sure that inputs get to the farmer at budget friendly prices. The tobacco market is registering a growing number of farmers each year, implying to state the demand for money will also increase. So there is need for RBZ to do away with hard money concern and rather motivate farmers to use plastic money. For security reasons, plastic loan is also helpful for farmers as thieves will be at the auction floors waiting for the farmers ‘hard earned cash.Tobacco Marketing Season Begins On A High Note