Lush accuse police of being spies and liars in bizarre marketing campaign
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Twitter)Lush has triggered outrage with a bizarre brand-new anti-policing marketing campaign accusing officers of being spies and liars.The British Cosmetic chain has been called ‘disgusting’ and’ useless ‘for filling their shop windows with mocked-up police tape stating ‘Police have crossed the line’.

Potholes throughout Britain are now putting individuals off cycling The project also says:’Police spies out of lives’, ‘#Spycops Questions: Fact or conceal?’ and ‘Spied on for taking a stand.’

Former Rich employee, Sergeant Mike Duzinkewycz composed on Twitter: ‘I employee for Lavish for several years prior to I signed up with the police and I’m sad by this.

‘Lush stands alone amongst many for its strong ethical foundation and the commitment of its staff, much like the police. We need to stand together.’

METRO GRAB - @SgtTCS Twitter without permission Lush launches anti-police campaign Twitter/SgtTCS
Lavish store window in Leeds showcasing the marketing campaign (Picture: City Grab)

Christine Fulton, the widower of Lewis Fulton, who was fatally stabbed by a detainee in Glasgow in 1994, wrote: ‘As a widow of a policeman killed on duty I am horrified at the project by Lush.

‘Who do Lavish call when they have a thief, their personnel are abused or their stores broken into? Hang your heads in shame.’

Lavish states it wants to ‘pressure the federal government’ and make it ‘more effective at revealing the truth into this human rights scandal.’

One mad client wrote: ‘I shot at Lavish all the time, as recent as today and I’m gutted. This is disgusting.’

Previous cop Peter Kirkham included: ‘Your anti police marketing campaign is an utter disgrace.

‘It stereotypes ALL law enforcement officer as corrupt & & includes some basic misrepresentations of the truths.

‘I trust that you will never again look for police support if you are the victims of criminal offense.’

Rich responded to someone on Twitter: ‘To clear this up, this isn’t really an anti-police project, it’s to highlight the abuse that individuals deal with when their lives have been penetrated by undercover cops.’

The business has called it a campaign assistance group ‘working to achieve an end to the sexual and psychological abuse of advocates and others by undercover authorities officers.’