Taxi response goes extra mile

Duncan booked a green cab online and was dismayed when it didn’t show … That dismay relied on anger and he sent a terse e-mail of complaint to the business.

This was their reply: “I do apologise that our taxi wasn’t able to pick you up but we have actually still got a couple of glitches in our time-travelling taxi fleet at this phase so it seems our driver over-shot and ended up getting here on 5th of July 2058 rather. He said the world is a paradise where they can cure any illness (even death) and Earth is currently embroiled in an extra-terrestrial conflict with zealous separatists of the Mars nest.

“We’re attempting to obtain our driver from the future however his flux capacitor lacked charge and Earth 2058 has a stringent ban on time-travel parts after the terrific Time-War of 43BC (obviously Julius Caesar did more than we understand) … On a major note, I do apologise however it seems that this might have been booked for the incorrect month … “

Youth as it was …


Throughout the 1950 polio epidemic, Annie and her cousins were sent out to cope with her grandma so that they would be “out of harm’s way”. “We had read Peter Pan, the young boy who could fly, and one day with the help of an extremely weak ladder, climbed on to the roof. We then connected 6 balloons to the youngest and lightest of us who was 5 —– one on each limb and 2 on his belt. Informing him he could be like Peter Pan, we told him to leap. Which he did. 4 balloons burst on impact and the other two floated off. There were no significant injuries and he will be 72 next birthday.”

Peter Pan – the young boy who might fly. Image/ Supplied


“My sister-in-law informs me that 45 years earlier, in a South Island town which shall remain nameless, her mother went to social afternoons of bridge prior to then selecting her and her brother up from school. On the method home in their Fiat Bambina her mom would slalom in and out of the parking meters on the main street while the kids stood up with their go out of the sun-roof, providing vociferous admonition. Obviously G&T was a popular accompaniment to the cards …”


. “I was about 13 years old, at the pub with my father one evening. We lived about 20km out in the nation. We left the club, he drove through the two sets of traffic signal, turned on to the nation roadway, stopped the cars and truck and said ‘you can drive me home, I’m too drunk’ and I did. Whangarei in the early 80s.”