Even though yoga was initially practiced by guys, the common yoga class in the United States is complete of females. Of the 54 % of males use social networks when researching products. Ensure you have a

Some are looking for that first action to a healthier lifestyle, questioning if yoga may be the way. And numerous are somewhere in between.Improved physical fitness is far from the only advantage of yoga, and it’s not the only factor people begin practicing.

Share info about the other advantages of yoga: reduced stress, better sleep and more.5.

Equip Your Studio and Your Store for Both Males And Female

Have longer, larger yoga mats on hand to match taller guys. Sell those mats in your store, together with clothes in guys’s designs.6.

Do Not Undervalue the Power of the Partner

Lots of partners and sweethearts would like to obtain their males to yoga. Consider special occasions and offers to provide that opportunity:

  • Host a partner yoga class or workshop
  • Combine yoga with another activity, like treking, that new-to-yoga men might be more comfortable with
  • Offer half-priced subscriptions to a member’s substantial other on the day of an unique event
  • Hold a brief workshop on a practical topic like stress reduction. Greatly incorporate yoga together with discussion and other approaches, like art or strolling meditation. By doing this, they have a chance to get knowledgeable about yoga in a low-pressure situation.Many guys are interested in yoga and are looking for an inviting studio to give it a try. Ensure your studio is ready to make these beginners comfortable when they step on the mat for the very first time.Looking for additional marketing

    suggestions? Get your copy of our complimentary 10-Step Yoga Marketing Guide.