Messenger Marketing and information security in the same sentence? Absolutely! In talks with prospective consumers, at lectures, or merely in passing conversations, it’s clear that interest in data security is growing.

User personal privacy in the business usage of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Co. has become an essential topic, and specifically since information is voluntarily offered.”In recommendation to the Personal privacy Declaration for Newsletters and Chatbots via Messenger, the widget offers practical details specifically under numbers 3. Data Collection and 4. Collected Data Usage.”

WhatsBroadcast only uses your information to allow our clients to immediately send out specific messages … WhatsBroadcast provides the consumer access to the collected data , and does not distribute your information to any 3rd party.

Some gathered information can be seen by the workers of the platform you have signed into.With most customers, it naturally happens that the

users themselves choose which data is gathered through Newsletters or Chatbots: for instance, the telephone number with which the user registers, or any interests that the user lists on his/her profile, which he or she can edit at any time.On Facebook Messenger it works slightly in a different way: on their platform, messages can be personally dealt with to customers based on their Facebook profile.We generally choose agreements with our customers concerning commissioned data processing, since our work for them includes handling of individual data. This is carried out in rigorous

compliance with information security regulations, and is managed by our in home data protection officer.Test WhatsBroadcast now free of charge. 14 days!Data Security and WhatsBroadcast: over 1,000 Customers, and the Legal Viewpoint Because starting 2 years earlier, we have actually gotten over 1,000 clients. Big and little companies and companiesdata over the app. This possibility can beexecuted in compliance with information security law, as long as the technical information are thoroughly inspected, and the user demonstrates the required approval.” The Stuttgart legal representative knows exactly what he’s discussing: with the GDPR going into impact Europe-wide in May 2018, more and more clients have been coming to Dr. Ulbricht and his colleagues to speak about information protection.”In contrast to the regulation 95/46/EG, which needs to be specifically integrated into national law by the European Union member states, the General Data Defense Policy will take instant effect in all European Union member states on the 25th of May, 2018.”Source:< a href= target=_ blank rel= noopener > Wikipedia We’ll close with a quote from Peter Pock, information

protection officer at WhatsBroadcast, who sees information protection as important for company success: “We are definitely ready for the Europe-wide application of the GDPR. As a matter of course, throughout the contract award procedure we clarify the information of our information handling and processing with our consumers, and concur on the terms of information defense. WhatsBroadcasts’position is clear: our one path to sustainable, continued success is based upon full transparency in data managing and processing.”Test now free of charge. 14 days!You want more info, knowledge and use cases? Just klick here: