Dear ATO

Being incredible

Hi! Me once again, back for our yearly chat about all things tax.I understand, you do this throughout the year and we all get unexpectedly thinking about mid-June. Sorry. It’s simply that tax is so boring incredible, we’re not sure we might take the paralysing prattle Much incredible all year round.Last year we

got real on some tax reductions for small and solo biz individuals. Keep in mind? Coffee, shopping, inspirational snacks … I haven’t seen any movement on those. We’ll put a pin in them for now.But this year I’m not asking for anything, I’m here to assist. Reality be told, your track record is a little bit screwed remarkable. Maybe a few of this (pro bono) branding advice might make it less naff more awesome.The unsightly fact Tax

sucks. BACHELOR’S DEGREE sucks

. Billings and invoices and PAYG estimations suck. It all draws less if the words ‘refund’ are involved, however that’s a long shot so let’s unload some other methods to change the discussion about you.I get you require our cash to, you understand, run the country and things. However that doesn’t indicate you need to be the source of all fears, sneers and jeers.I have actually put my thinking cap on for some branding and PR ideas to help you out. You’re welcome.Polishing a turd up your image 1. Manners cost absolutely nothing How about sending a thank you note when we pay our BACHELOR’S DEGREE on time? All I hear is ‘pay this’,’your PAYG is undecipherable ‘and’ did you take my pen’. Favorable reinforcement goes a long method to keeping your captives certified consumers delighted.2. Now targeting … everyone Ease off on the ‘this year we’re targeting …’stuff. You’re not deceiving anyone, we know

who you’re truly after. Everybody. All the time. It’s the worst video game of the’the young boy who sobbed wolf ever ‘. Let’s play Hungry Hippos instead.3. Playing the odds Chance( or spin a giant wheel)and provide some unsuspecting souls a tax-free year

. Imagine the boost to the economy as we work harder than ever. I suggest contacting your accountant if the giant wheel is deductible under Marketing. Or possibly an instantaneous deduction if you can get one under $20K.4. Practically truth Everybody’s speaking about being genuine and informing your story. Tax truth show anyone?(This things composes itself.)Something like that

random breath screening reveal I shame watch. Suspected tax evaders are taken into a van and we wait through 4 industrial breaks to see if they go over their allowable deductions. Sit back and enjoy the Logies roll in.5. Hold up Get some better hold music. Something to make us Zen, a little drowsy and less most likely to bang our phone consistently into the nearby wall. Over and over and … but I digress. If you’re updating it, now might be the time to get those subliminal

‘pay your tax’and ‘do not deduct that’whispers too. We’ve discovered.6. Make tax fun again How about finishing up a few of that inescapable problem with something fun? Actually. Send out the statement or letter of need in a confetti card or connected to among those arrangements made from fancy chocolates. Takes the sting out and potentially claimable under Entertainment. If the chocolates are a light snack only. Not a substantial meal.7. Marketing mascots 101 Santa. The Tooth Fairy. The Easter Bunny. All solid brand names. Get on board and create the Receipt Reconciler. A legendary(except genuine) character who gets here when a quarter. Neglect your crumpled receipts, unreconciled billings and split payment problems. If you’ve been an excellent little worker bee, the moon is blue and full, and the sparrow flies east on his left wing … you may awake to perfectly balanced accounts. Or just get an excellent accounting professional and ask them to use a cape.ATO, we’re just getting started.Amanda Ms InCogNito ps: Do not garnish my wage. Really … I do not have a wage. Don’t cancel my ABN?pps: Talk next year.The post Dear ATO: Simple branding ideas to obtain in our excellent books appeared first on Flying Solo.