transformative power of branding. As a result, there’s no emphasis on brand name building. The focus is solely on business, not brands. Today, brands are seen. Brands are heard. Transcending from company to brand is an important yet grossly over-looked step to exponential development and success. A tennis shoe business makes tennis shoes. Nike makes you sob. Why is that? It’s because Nike took leather, mesh and foam and injected it with a special voice and brand character that talked to us on an emotional level.< img src= alt="Image: Redd Angelo, Unsplash"width =1620 height=1080 > Image: Redd Angelo, YFS Magazine In this quintessential example, Nike, together with their innovative partners, gone beyond from company to brand. It was not just about purchasing tennis shoes. It was about getting off the couch. Nike’s brand inspired our inner champs, and in turn, put us on a mission to be our finest selves. Nike the company couldn’t accomplish exactly what Nike the brand name did. I cannot envision Nike today without believing, “Simply do it.” And I can’t picture Nike having done it, without harnessing the unbelievable power of brandin g.Harness the power of branding In a world where 300 hours of video is published to YouTube every minute, the opportunity to produce differentiated branded content to propel a business to ,”Ship My Pants, “was included on The Today Show, Good Early Morning America and CNN and was selected as one of YouTube’s Leading 20 Advertisements of the Past Years. © YFS Publication. All Rights Booked. Copying forbade. All product is safeguarded by U.S. and global copyright laws. Unauthorized reproduction or circulation of this product is restricted. Sharing of this product under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International terms, noted here, is allowed. What do you believe?