I t appears that Instagram is attempting to poach a portion of advertisement spend from YouTube with plans to present long-form video.While the popular image-sharing platform currently supports hour-long live streams, videos are capped at 60 seconds. However this could be extended to 60 minutes, according to reports by the Wall Street Journal.

The plans to roll out long-form video might even more place Instagram as the supreme hotbed for influencer marketing.READ NEXT Brand marketing: The power of the podcast The

platform is already insanely popular amongst social networks stars, influencer marketing platforms, and companies who are leveraging this type of marketing.Over the last couple of years, using social networks platforms and influencers has actually grown from obscurity to a type of powerful marketing where brand names, big and small, understand its value.According to research study, 44 percent of online marketers are planning to utilize influencer content. And out of 86 percent of marketers who utilized influencer marketing in 2017, 92 percent reported it as being a beneficial type of marketing.And when it concerns the favored platform of the influencer marketing community, it appears that Instagram prevails.59 percent of micro-influencers believe Instagram to be the most effective social media platform

for engaging their target audience.So, what does the long-form video strategies suggest the intro of longer kind video, we can expect to see more engagement with the items that influencers are marketing.According to Foong, influencers will have more time to produce extensive

reviews, which will, in turn, build more trust amongst the audience. And with an increase in trust, this will cause more purchases. “Brand names will actually take advantage of this, “Foong explains.Furthermore, those influencers who leverage the creation of long-form video material ought to anticipate to see their fans increase.”For creators, those who firmly insist on just image posts, they will see their fan increment declining, because of course, the algorithm will start to prefer the long form content.

For those who begin to embrace long-form content they will see a rise in followers simply due to the fact that algorithm favors their material, “stated Foong Much better quality material With the new video format, there will be a reduction in the number of brand names influencers work with. This will permit influencers to develop better quality material, picking only brands to partner with whom they genuinely feel passionate about.” Exactly what I’m most thrilled about is that the amount of brand names [influencers] work with will reduce (given that more time is needed per product ), which implies they will just choose brand names they truly think in instead of taking all that pays,”says Foong.YOU COULD LIKE< a href =http://techhq.com/2018/04/influencer-marketing-is-about-community-not-a-campaign/ > DIGITAL MARKETING Influencer marketing is about community, not a project YouTube will have to get used to stay competitive According to Foong, an enduring challenge in the influencer marketing space is finding YouTubers to get in touch with brands.

which indicates the rate they can charge and do charge is absurd,”she described.< img src=http://cdn2.techhq.com/inc/uploads/2018/06/shutterstock_1041026248.jpg alt width= 1000 height=667 >

YouTubers might have some stiff competition. Source: Shutterstock As a result, Instagram influencers have ended up being a much more favorable option.However, as we see a substantial supply of long-form content developers sign up with the marketplace through Instagram, YouTube influencers will be forced to change their prices to stay competitive, and Instagrammers will need to up their content-creating game.YouTube still a valuable platform The concern is, will Instagrams new feature put YouTube influencer marketing in risk? According to Foong, YouTube

still offers more value to branded content due to its enduring, search-friendly content.She discussed to TechHQ: “Even if engagement is sluggish today, brand names can still get viewership on their material after 6 months. But if your material is on Instagram, it’s extremely news feed. Today it exists, next week it won’t show up

any longer because there’s always new content.”Nevertheless, when it concerns engagement, Instagram is perhaps an easier platform for users to quickly communicate with posts.”Instagram is so simple to much like a post on the phone or remark however YouTube is not constructed for that.

You cannot comment similar to you do on Instagram,”states Foong.Engagement on YouTube is finest measured through watch time -a metric Foong hopes Instagram will present with its long-form material. Instagram makes is easy to engage with a post. Source: Shutterstock The challenge for influencer platforms?Now we’ve covered how the introduction of longer-form video material will benefit brands and influencers. Exactly what about the influencer platforms themselves?” It is both interesting and tough. Just when we are getting really great at rates Instagrammers, they are changing it up again, which indicates we need to start our pricing information from scratch,”Foong described.